As an ecommerce seller, you’ve likely had moments where you wished for advice or a listening ear. We can relate because we’re sellers, too. That’s where the Quadra Community comes in.

The Quadra Community Facebook group is a space for ecommerce sellers to network, discuss selling strategies and receive support from Quadra’s staff of print on demand and dropshipping experts. The group is evidence of Quadra’s commitment to providing ecommerce sellers with four key benefits.

  1. Networking Experiences

When John, co-founder of Quadra, started his first print on demand business, he was mentored by a prominent print on demand seller. This mentor imparted industry insights and strategies that John continues to utilize. When you join the Quadra Community, you get the opportunity to network with other sellers, new and experienced, and receive mentorship and advice throughout your journey.

  1. Access to Quadra Updates

Quadra offers numerous resources for sellers such as training, done-for-you designs, documents for company organization and more! As a member of the Quadra Community, you’ll be among the first to receive these resources. This ensures that you never miss an opportunity to improve your business.

  1. Educational Opportunities

Not only does the Quadra Community serve as an excellent platform to network with other sellers, it also allows you to connect with Quadra’s team of print on demand and dropshipping professionals. The staff will be available to answer your questions, provide advice and facilitate discussions on various ecommerce-related subjects, all for your benefit. These discussions will center around new selling strategies and product inspiration.

  1. Product Inspiration

Quadra frequently launches new products. By receiving alerts from our staff in the Quadra Community, you can be the first to introduce designs on these products. Additionally, you can gain design inspiration from our staff and other group members, enabling you to continually improve your product designs and expand your target audience.

Don’t delay getting these benefits for your store! The Quadra Community is open to everyone and is completely free! To join, simply click here.