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In the business world, networking with the right people is crucial to business growth and long-term success. Connecting to the Quadra Marketplace puts your entire catalog within easy reach of our vast network of sellers, allowing thousands of merchants to sell your products.

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Quadra Marketplace’s vast network of sellers gives your products exponentially more reach. You’ll make money as they make money. With your goals aligned, your sales will take off as more and more sellers begin selling your products.

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Our sellers’ success is paired with your success. When you connect with the Quadra Marketplace, your product marketing will be done by the merchants selling your products, effectively reducing your own marketing needs. As your marketing costs decrease and your product sales increase, you will have more time and resources available to grow your business and do more of what you do best: create.

Auto Order Transfer

Orders placed on the Quadra Marketplace are automatically transferred to your systems through our partner integrations. You will receive everything you need to process and fulfill your orders, including product SKUs and shipping/tracking information. You never need to worry about missing an order due to a transfer error!