What is Advertising?

What is Advertising?

What do Doritos SuperBowl commercials, the Chick-Fil-A cow or even grocery store coupons have in common? They’re all advertising!

Advertising is a marketing strategy that businesses use to promote their products or services to potential customers, and it’s everywhere! Businesses are always searching for new ways to reach their target audience with the goal of creating awareness, generating interest and encouraging people to take action.

Effective advertising campaigns are designed to appeal to consumers’ emotions, needs and desires and to provide them with information about how the benefits of a particular product or service could help them.

Have you ever seen a commercial that made you laugh or cry? That advertisement successfully connected with your emotions and life experiences.

Advertising can take many forms, from traditional print and television ads to more modern methods such as influencer marketing and social media advertising. The rise of the internet and the abundance of digital media channels have transformed the advertising landscape, making it easier for businesses to reach a global audience.

There are several types of advertising and each form has its own set of benefits and challenges!

Print Advertising: 

This refers to physical forms of advertising typically such as newspapers, magazines or direct mail. Viewers tend to pay more attention to print advertisements (ads) than they do digital ads because print is less distracting. 

Because people are most likely to read newspapers, magazines or books that reflect their interests and opinions, print ads have the benefit of easily reaching their intended audience. Print ads can also be very cost-effective and easily customizable (Indeed). 

Broadcast Advertising: 

This form of advertising utilizes television and radio. Broadcast advertising can reach large audiences quickly and efficiently. It also utilizes more senses than other forms of advertising by incorporating images, music and motion. The variety in these ads keeps viewers interested and engaged (allbusiness). 

Outdoor Advertising: 

Also known as out-of-home advertising, outdoor advertising appears on billboards, transit advertising, signs and public benches. The location and scale of these ads make them very eye-catching. 

Outdoor ads are well accepted by consumers opposed to digital or online ads which are frequently perceived as annoying and distracting. Similar to print advertising, outdoor advertising can be very cost-effective and is preferred by businesses with smaller budgets (bmediagroup).  

Digital Advertising: 

Digital advertising encapsulates everything from banners on the side of a web page to sponsored ads in search engines or emails and social media. Because a majority of consumers spend so much time online, digital advertising is essential for most businesses. 

One of the benefits of online advertising is that it makes it simple to collect data on how ads perform by collecting data on who clicks on the ad and if they purchase the product or service. This is much different than traditional forms of advertising such as outdoor advertising where it’s impossible to know how many people were convinced to buy from seeing the billboard or park bench. This data simplifies the process of finding the right customers and provides insight into the success of the ad.  

Because ecommerce businesses sell products online, digital advertising is almost always the best strategy. One of the most popular and extremely effective methods of digital advertising is paid ads on platforms like Facebook, TikTok and Google. These methods are relatively simple, cost-effective and provide ways to target your exact target audience. 

These social media and search engine platforms collect tons of data on their users. If you created a product for moms who have sons that play baseball, Facebook can show your ads to those exact people. 

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Why is Advertising Important? 

The role of advertising cannot be overstated. When a new product is developed, advertising is a crucial first step in its lifecycle. It acts as an introduction to the product and helps to establish the brand in the market. Through effective advertising, businesses can get their product in front of a wider audience, which can lead to increased sales.

Moreover, advertising plays a significant role in creating demand for a product. Before production, businesses calculate sales projections to determine the cost of production. Advertising helps to turn those projections into reality by introducing the product to potential customers and generating interest.

In today’s digital age, advertising has become a science. Businesses can use highly targeted campaigns and track every conversion from an ad with ease. This level of control and traceability makes advertising essential for attribution modeling and conversion rate optimization.

Advertising also allows businesses to get ahead of other players in their fields. This healthy competition shapes the market and can lead to big wins for businesses. Promotional advertising, when done as part of an aggressive marketing campaign, can be particularly effective at getting quick results.

For businesses with limited funds, free advertising can be a successful method of marketing. Social media is one form one free advertising that can be extremely effective, especially in the ecommerce space. Click here to learn more about advertising for free through social media!

Advertising is a critical part of promoting a business. With the right strategy and execution, advertising can help businesses achieve their objectives and succeed, even in competitive marketplaces!