3 Print on Demand Products for Waste Elimination

3 Print on Demand Products for Waste Elimination

In a world where environmental consciousness is gaining momentum, consumers are increasingly seeking ways to reduce waste and make sustainable choices. 

The statistics surrounding waste generation are staggering. According to the World Bank, global waste generation is expected to reach 3.40 billion metric tons by 2050 if current consumption and production patterns persist. 

It’s evident that waste elimination is not just a passing trend but a pressing necessity for the well-being of our planet. With that in mind, here are three reusable print on demand products that can help consumers eliminate waste:

  1. Tote bags

The versatility of tote bags is the main reason they’re quickly growing in popularity. Customers love that they can be designed with creative sayings and graphics that showcase the their unique personality. 

Tote bags are perfect for a trip to the farmers market or grocery store, carrying a computer and books to class, beach days, and more! Their size makes it easy to fit all the essentials without being too bulky, and they can be used at the store in lieu of plastic bags, making them a great solution for waste reduction.

  1. Bamboo Water Bottles

Forget plastic water bottles! These bamboo water bottles are easy to wash and care for, reusable, and a great size for transportation. This product has unlimited potential for creative designs and customers love its sleek look.

  1. Canvas Gift Bags

Think back to Christmas or birthdays as a child. Do you remember all the tissue and wrapping paper that was thrown away at the end?

These canvas gift bags are the perfect solution. They’re large to fit a variety of gifts, reusable, and easily customizable to match all occasions! Your customers will love purchasing these canvas gift bags to bring out at all the important gift-giving holidays in their lives!

  • Wedding gifts
  • Baby showers
  • Birthdays 
  • Graduations
  • Christmas
  • Mother’s/Father’s Day
  • Anniversary
  • Etc.

By incorporating these and other reusable print on demand products into their product offerings, sellers can tap into the expanding market of eco-conscious consumers. These and many other unique, customizable print on demand products are available for selling on the Quadra Marketplace app. Learn more at quadramarketplace.com

Embracing print on demand products that aid in waste elimination not only contributes to a greener future but also represents a smart business decision in an increasingly environmentally aware world. As print on demand sellers, we can make a difference.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Boost Print on Demand Sales

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Boost Print on Demand Sales

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer for individuals looking to build their businesses and create compelling product designs, especially in the print on demand space. In this blog post, we will explore five ways in which AI can revolutionize your business.

  1. Effective Product Messaging

Effective product messaging is crucial in capturing the interest of potential customers. AI technologies can analyze vast amounts of data, including market trends, consumer preferences and social media interactions, to help you create product messages that your customers can’t get enough of. 

  1. Targeted Audience Expansion

Reaching new audiences is crucial for the growth of your print on demand business. AI algorithms can identify patterns and preferences among potential customers, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies and tailor your products to specific target groups. 

  1. Eye-Catching Product Designs

Create stunning product designs using AI design technologies such as DALL·E. These technologies can create complex product designs using your instruction. AI technologies offer advanced design optimization capabilities, allowing you to refine and enhance your designs effortlessly. AI algorithms can also suggest color schemes, font combinations and layout options based on market trends and customer preferences. 

  1. Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Setting competitive prices while maximizing profit margins is a challenge for print on demand sellers. AI-powered pricing algorithms can analyze market trends, competitor prices and customer buying patterns to recommend optimal pricing strategies. With AI technology you can price your products competitively and get the highest profit margins possible.

  1. Product Demand Forecasting

Understanding product demand is crucial for effectively managing your print on demand business. AI technologies can analyze historical sales data, market trends and external factors to generate accurate demand forecasts. This ensures that you have the right products available when customer demand is at its peak, improving customer satisfaction.

As a newcomer to the print on demand industry, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence can unlock tremendous growth opportunities for your business. By harnessing AI technologies you can create impactful product designs, reach new audiences and increase your profits.

The print on demand landscape is evolving rapidly, and those who embrace AI-driven strategies will have a competitive advantage. By harnessing the power of AI, you can unleash your creativity, enhance customer experiences and drive profitability in your print on demand business.

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss the Quadra Community

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss the Quadra Community

As an ecommerce seller, you’ve likely had moments where you wished for advice or a listening ear. We can relate because we’re sellers, too. That’s where the Quadra Community comes in.

The Quadra Community Facebook group is a space for ecommerce sellers to network, discuss selling strategies and receive support from Quadra’s staff of print on demand and dropshipping experts. The group is evidence of Quadra’s commitment to providing ecommerce sellers with four key benefits.

  1. Networking Experiences

When John, co-founder of Quadra, started his first print on demand business, he was mentored by a prominent print on demand seller. This mentor imparted industry insights and strategies that John continues to utilize. When you join the Quadra Community, you get the opportunity to network with other sellers, new and experienced, and receive mentorship and advice throughout your journey.

  1. Access to Quadra Updates

Quadra offers numerous resources for sellers such as training, done-for-you designs, documents for company organization and more! As a member of the Quadra Community, you’ll be among the first to receive these resources. This ensures that you never miss an opportunity to improve your business.

  1. Educational Opportunities

Not only does the Quadra Community serve as an excellent platform to network with other sellers, it also allows you to connect with Quadra’s team of print on demand and dropshipping professionals. The staff will be available to answer your questions, provide advice and facilitate discussions on various ecommerce-related subjects, all for your benefit. These discussions will center around new selling strategies and product inspiration.

  1. Product Inspiration

Quadra frequently launches new products. By receiving alerts from our staff in the Quadra Community, you can be the first to introduce designs on these products. Additionally, you can gain design inspiration from our staff and other group members, enabling you to continually improve your product designs and expand your target audience.

Don’t delay getting these benefits for your store! The Quadra Community is open to everyone and is completely free! To join, simply click here.

Utah Software Start-Up Quadra Raises Million-Dollar Seed Investment

The leadership at Quadra Inc. announced the finalization of $1,009,500 in seed-round funding. The funding was raised by several strategic syndicate investors through a round led by investment firm Fortify Capital Partners.

“We’re so grateful to have Fortify Capital Partners and this group of investors join us as investment partners,” said John Sanders, co-founder and head of marketing at Quadra. “We’re going to use this investment to grow Quadra so we can continue helping people monetize their creativity.”

Fortify Capital Partners is a northern Utah based angel syndicate led by experienced entrepreneurs and venture-capital professionals. Fortify Capital Partners represents a variety of interests, including family offices, former founders, entrepreneurs and career angel investors, leveraging their network to provide strategic value and mentors to the companies they invest in.

“Quadra is targeting a $4.9 billion market, led by proven leading experts in the category,” said the leadership of Fortify Capital Partners. “This diverse team has extensive experience in print on demand business operations, scaling ecommerce businesses, product manufacturing, software development and software company incubation. Their team is poised to redefine the print on demand and dropshipping industry by offering a SaaS-enabled marketplace.”

Prior to this investment, the Quadra founders had fully bootstrapped the company, leading to a successful launch of the first version of their software that added hundreds of ecommerce sellers to their growing customer base. They recently opened an office in Logan, Utah, which currently has 12 employees.

“We funded the development of the first version of the Quadra Marketplace app with profits from our own ecommerce store,” said Brian Rueckert, co-founder and head of operations at Quadra. “That’s why we’re so passionate about continuing to build Quadra – ecommerce has already changed our own lives, and we want to bring those benefits to others!”

The investment will be used to develop a more robust platform, grow the Quadra team, create customer service processes and increase marketing efforts to bring Quadra’s products and services to individuals all over the world.

“We are excited to partner with Quadra in this endeavor and to bring additional strategic resources to the table to help them be successful,” leadership at Fortify Capital Partners said.

Advancing the technological capabilities of the Quadra Marketplace platform will be the main priority for leadership at Quadra in the coming years.

“It is an amazing feeling seeing our hard work paying off,” said Scott Carpenter, co-founder and head of technology at Quadra. “I love sharing our company’s vision with ecommerce sellers. It’s very rewarding when they entrust us to help them make that vision a reality by joining our platform. What we are building will change lives all over the world.”

For more information about Fortify Capital Partners please visit www.fortifycp.com.


Quadra Inc. is an ecommerce marketplace created by sellers, for sellers. Quadra was founded in Logan, Utah by John Sanders, Scott Carpenter and Brian Rueckert with the mission of helping individuals all over the world start their own business and monetize their creativity. Quadra provides ecommerce sellers with the knowledge and resources necessary to start their own ecommerce business with a special emphasis on strategies for print on demand and dropshipping.

Learn more about Quadra and the Quadra Marketplace at www.goquadra.com.

The Strategy for Q4-Like Profits Year Round

The Strategy for Q4-Like Profits Year Round

The Key to Unlocking Q1 Selling Success

If you’ve struggled to get sales in 2023, you’re not alone. In fact, the plight of ecommerce sellers during the first and second quarters (January through June) is a struggle as old as the internet. 

After an explosive Q4 (October through December) selling season, sellers everywhere are left wondering how they can replicate those high profits throughout the year.

The truth is, Q4 is the perfect storm. A high demand for Christmas gifts coupled with other holidays that fall in the same timeframe such as Thanksgiving and New Years give customers more than enough reason to purchase an abundance of products online. 

While there may never be a magic solution for replicating Q4-like profits throughout the entire year, this simple strategy could get you pretty close.

How to get higher, more consistent profits year round:

Capitalize on smaller holidays that still traditionally involve gift giving such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Selling products directed towards these holidays will give customers a reason to purchase your products all year and will boost your profits as a result!

Here are 8 ways you can capitalize on Mother’s Day for some serious Q1 and Q2 profits this year:

  1. Create targeted product messages

Customers are more likely to purchase a product they find an emotional connection with. For that reason, best-selling designs are relatable, amusing and/or memorable. Create products like this by combining two niches. For example, the product message ‘You are the mom every dancer wishes they had’ speaks to a specific group of mothers who have children that dance. The more you can make a customer say, “that’s me” with the messaging, the more likely they are to purchase the product.

  1. Produce high-quality designs

The key to a best-selling print on demand product is an eye-catching design. Hire a designer on a marketplace such as UpWork, or create your own designs with softwares such as Canva, Photoshop or Creative Fabrica. No matter how you create your designs, have your peers who fit the niches you are targeting give you feedback on your design. After all, it’s not you who needs to love the product.

  1. Diversify your marketplaces

You’ll only get sales if your audience knows your product exists. By increasing the places customers can find your products, i.e., Amazon, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, you increase your chances of getting a sale.

Pro tip: You can sell Quadra products on all of these marketplaces!

  1. Choose the right products

Some print on demand and dropship products make more sense as Mother’s Day gifts than others. Carefully choose the products you design and publish on your store. Also, choose products that are unique so your competition is low. The following are examples of good Mother’s Day products:

  • Wood signs
  • Throw pillows
  • Blankets
  • Phone cases
  • Cookware
  • Picture frames
  1. Start online marketing

Use ad platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and Etsy to promote your products! Ad platforms, especially Facebook, have incredibly-detailed targeting information on their users. If you create a product about mother’s who have children who dance, Facebook can promote your product to individuals who fit that description. 

  1. Offer customization

Allow customers to customize your products to fit their needs. For example, you could allow customers to put their mother’s name or occupation on a product. Customizable products sell more as gifts than non-customizable gifts and customers will pay up to 20% more for them!

  1. Provide discounts

Offer discounts to customers who purchase items in bulk, then create designs that make sense to buy in multiples. For example, you could create a product for companies to gift to employees for an upcoming holiday, such as Mother’s Day.

  1. Get creative!

Think outside the box! Don’t just target traditional mothers. Create products for dog moms, foster moms, mother-figures, grandmothers, aunt, sisters and more! When you shift your mindset away from the norm, you’ll find audiences of people who are looking for products that reflect their lives.

Ready to give this a shot?

If you implement these strategies into your selling this Q1 and Q2, you could find that your products sell better than ever before! Customers are always looking for well-made, visually-appealing products that they can relate to, and you can provide that for them this Mother’s Day!

Check out goquadra.com to get started selling high-profit margin, unique products in time for this Mother’s Day.